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Luardos is a mexican street food company that was born in 2007, when they bought their first Citroën H Van and set out to make great Mexican food available in London. One of their first markets was Whitecross Street, where Luardos still stand today, in their first ever van Jesus. Their second van, Mary, was adopted in 2011 to serve at festivals across the UK.

Luardos work closely with their suppliers to make sure that the "raw materials" are of very high quality. They get fresh chillies, ripe avocados, limes, fresh herbs, vine tomatoes, welfare-friendly meat, speciality Mexican products and all sorts of other produce delivered every morning. They make everything from scratch, even their hot sauces!

Organizing a party? Luardos cater for weddings, parties, corporate, festivals, AND staff lunches. By working closely with both their suppliers and clients, they are constantly improving their recipes to bring out the best flavours they can in their food.

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