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Delivering bouquets by bicycle across London

About Petalon

Petalon is a unique service delivering bouquets by bicycle across London.

A weekly changing menu of flowers, put together by a talented team of florists, all of which are £35 including delivery and donation to Bee Collective.

Petalon offers a weekly choice of 2 bouquets that go up on the website every Monday morning direct from the flower market. Their team of dedicated florists spend the mornings going to market, making up all the bouquets, getting all the notes written out and wrapping all the bouquets ready for delivery at 12 noon when the riders arrive to pick up all the orders.

The bouquets are wrapped tightly in hessian to protect them on transit, they also have a small water source to see them through the day so your flowers will arrive fresh and ready to display.

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14b Tram Depot
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