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Stylish, handcrafted bouquets direct from local growers, delivered right to your door.

About bloomon

It all began with A love story...

bloomon was founded by three rebels on a quest to turn the flower industry on its head. And spread happiness throughout the world. So far, they’re doing pretty well.

Passionate about allowing the world to experience the beauty and freshness of real, homegrown flowers, friends Patrick, Bart and Koen decided to create a flower delivery service from the grower to your door.

More than just flowers
But it wasn’t just about getting flowers to you fast – or even ensuring they were the freshest. It was also about the experience. So flower artisan Anton designs different bouquets every time – each with a surprising twist. This element of surprise, to tell the stories about the flower bouquets to brighten dreary days – or make sunny days that little bit happier.

We're Known For...

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